How To Fall Wedding On An $8,000 Budget ?

So you are trying to plan a fall wedding on an $8,000 budget?  First of all, don’t stress! has absolutely got you covered.  We have everything you need for your wedding party to look amazing and stay within budget.  What your wedding party wears should not break the bank.  We have everything you need covered from the fashion dress, formal dress, prom dress or wedding party dress.  We know you need your wedding party looking their absolute best and we will make sure they do.  Besides finding fantastic clothes to wear on your special day, we have other tips and tricks that will also help you cut down on your costs and stay within budget.  Let’s jump in and see where you can trim some cost. 

  • Watch your guest list. Do you really need all 500 people on your list?  Do you really care if everyone you’ve ever met comes to your wedding?  Chances are, you don’t.  We always get talked in to feeling like we need to invite everyone on the planet-but guess what, you don’t.  Keep just very close family and friends.  They are only ones that care anyway.  Trust us, your second grade teacher will be happy you didn’t invite them.  They don’t want to feel obligated to show up to some wedding.
  • Instead of gifts, ask for help. If you want to save money, find those friends and family who are amateur photographers that would be willing to take pictures of your wedding for your wedding gift.  Find those musically inclined people that would be willing to provide some music at your event.  They’d be happy to get out of having to shop for you, do what they are good at and feel like they added to your special day.
  • Can you hold your ceremony outside or at home or some other place that won’t cost an arm and a leg for rental fees? Something to think about.
  • Less is more these days. You really can cut down on the amount of flowers you have at a wedding and no one is going to freak out. Keep it elegant but simple.
  • You can skip bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts. Especially if you are paying or their tux or formal dress.  Instead we’d suggest writing them a special thank you card.  That will probably be more meaningful than some gift they may not even use.
  • If you are crafty, you can make your own invitations. Some stores also have formal invitation kits.  The invites look formal, classy and great and you save a ton of money.
  • Sometimes you can get discounts or better rates from vendors if you display their card as free advertisement. Many vendors or businesses are happy to give you a break in exchange for free advertisement for them.
  • Don’t break the bank on wedding décor. Either find cheaper options or consider buying them used.  You can wait until things go on sale depending on the time of year, or even borrow things from friends and family.  We’ve seen lots of weddings done where there was very, very minimal out of pocket expense on the decorations because everything was borrowed from friends or family.
  • Let’s talk dresses. Most of the time if you are looking for a prom dress, wedding dress, formal dress or fashion dress the suggestion is usually to buy it off the rack.  You can save a lot of money that way.  But don’t forget that is already at off the rack prices, and we’ve got every type of formal dress you could possibly need.
  • You probably don’t need a $20,000 wedding ring…just saying.  There are all sorts of amazing options that are gorgeous, well made and you will love them just as much- without shelling out an enormous amount of money. 
  • Think about your honeymoon. Yes, going on some exotic over-the-top extravagant honeymoon sounds delightful.  But if you will opt to stay closer to home you can save a bunch of money.  Instead of putting your focus on destination, focus on what matters- being together, loving each other, unwinding after all the stressful planning months and starting your life together.  It doesn’t matter where you go for that.
  • Let people who love you help. If you want to save money, let those that love you step in and help where they can.  Ask them for ideas too, we guarantee they will probably have great ideas that you hadn’t even thought of yet.  Most friends and family love to be included and they love you enough to want to help. 
  • Skip using the “W” word. It’s sad but true, caterers, bands, flower shops, bakeries, etc. all mark up their prices when it’s for a wedding vs. any other occasion.  Be straightforward in your request for a quote and avoid using the word wedding.  If you are looking for a photographer you can say “I need a photographer for an outdoor event for 6 hours”.  Chances are, the photographer wouldn’t charge for a high school football game what he would for a wedding.  Another example, for a cake, instead of asking for a quote for a wedding cake, you can say, “a tasteful cake for 120 people” etc.  Granted, invariably prices might change a little bit more once it’s obvious that it’s for a wedding but then you may be able to say, “well you told me X price first”.  Obviously before you sign a contract, you’ll need to make it clear that it is a wedding.  But, if you do your due diligence first, you can probably get a better price for the same service before they try to change the price because it is a wedding.  At the very least, it will give you some negotiating leverage.


These are just some tricks you can use to save all the added expense for your wedding.  This is a big day and it should be enjoyable instead of stressful and expensive.  Don’t forget to come to us for all your fashion dress, formal dress, prom dress or wedding dress needs.  We are here to help you make your wedding unforgettable.

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