How To Get A Beautiful Bridal Glow on Your Big Day

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We want to help you get your perfect bridal glow on your big day, and so to that end we have put together some of our best tips and tricks to help you do that.  Let’s dive right in and look at some of the best ways to get your bridal glow on your big day.  Now, we could go on and on about specific products that you should buy to get the glow, but instead, we’d rather focus on things you can do that don’t require a specific product.  Who knows, maybe not everyone has access to the same products or has the same budget- so let’s focus on what we all can do to naturally help get that amazing glow on your wedding day.  After all, you want to look gorgeous in your wedding dress and you absolutely should be the star of the whole show!


It’s kind of ironic that we will talk about some of the tips and tricks we’ll talk about.  Half of them fly in the very face of the crazy, pre-wedding planning and preparation that happens.  Sure, we can tell you to relax more but you’ll probably want to punch us in the face for saying it.  However, if you can get past your urge to roll your eyes and tell us to shut up- we’ve got some great tips that will help you look your very best. 

Let’s talk about what you are eating

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The number one thing you can do to get glowing, radiant and beautiful skin for your big day is to watch what you are putting in your mouth.  Diet plays a huge part in skin quality and how much you do or do not glow.  In the months leading up to your wedding, you will definitely want to eat healthy and clean.  Ditch all the processed foods, additives, preservatives and sugar.  I know, I know, you are thinking, “how in the heck can I get through these stressful planning months without some sugar or comfort food along the way?”  We get it.  But trust us, your skin will thank you.  Make sure you are taking your daily vitamins as well as eating a lot of whole fruits and veggies.  They are full of nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.  These foods are not just for a svelte figure and health either- these things will make your skin look radiant and glowing.  Be sure you add a lot of fresh leafy greens to your diet as well.  If you can’t eat them, then blend them into a green smoothie and drink them down.  They are loaded with Vitamin A, which will help repair your skin and leave you looking fabulous.  Also, avocados and bell peppers and other veggies like these are full of Vitamin E, which is amazing for your skin and helps protect against sun damage, and other free radical damage. Nuts are also a great source of Vitamin E.

Water is your new best friend


Girl, if you aren’t staying properly hydrated, the first place you are going to show it is in your skin.  Water not only makes you look great, but it’s absolutely essential for your bodily processes and cell turnover.  If you aren’t properly hydrated you will also be tired, sluggish, hungry and cranky.  No one wants that.  Make sure you are getting enough water every day.  If you feel thirsty, it’s probably too late and you are already dehydrated.  Get yourself a water bottle and carry it around with you, it will make sipping water easy through out the day.  You can also brew some green tea, which is also amazing for your skin to help get more water in.  There are also all sorts of fruits and veggies that are higher in the water content and can help you get enough water in every day.  Think melons, celery, cucumbers etc.


Say goodbye to alcohol and caffeine for a while

I know, I know, those are totally fighting words.  But those two things dehydrate you further, which doesn’t help your skin.  Also, alcohol can give you a puffy face look, which we are pretty sure you don’t want either.  Try to limit both of these.  Lay off the energy drinks and endless amounts of coffee during your planning stages and don’t go nuts at the bachelorette party with alcohol.  If you are going to partake, limit your amounts and make better choices. 

Make Omega 3’s your friends

If you can add more Omega 3 fatty acids to your diet, your skin will thank you.  You can up your amount of salmon, chia seeds, and flaxseed for an easy way to get more Omega 3’s.  Not only is it good for your heart, but also it’s perfect for your skin and will help you stand out on your wedding day.

Ditch excess salt and sugar

Not only will these two things not help you fit into your dress, but they can also cause a puffy face and unwanted inflammation.  Most people who have skin reactions or acne see that they clear up immensely once they cut out sugar and other processed foods.  If you eat too much of these it will also make you look tired, which is something we definitely don’t want. 

Other foods to add to your diet to give you the picture perfect glow:

  • Pineapple- lowers inflammation, reduces toxins and ups natural collagen production
  • Salmon- adds glow, helps skin, nails and hair, firms skin, great source of Omega 3’s
  • Broccoli- high in antioxidants, makes skin glow, high in omega 3’s, folate and calcium
  • Turmeric- totally lowers inflammation, repairs sun damage, heals skin
  • Garlic- helps reduce skin irritations, fights of infections
  • Beetroot- High in Vitamin E, calcium, potassium and Vitamin A, helps skin look younger by promoting new cell growth, repairs skin cells
  • Legumes- helps detoxify, high in fiber, keeps skin clean